is a versatile troubadour, storyteller and entertainer. His repertoire includes anecdotes, songs and rituals from many different cultures within Europe.

you back to the Middle Ages or to the time of Roman emperors; he also feels at home in the Roaring Twenties.
Sometimes he is a famous French gourmand in Paris or leads you through the rituals of a Finnish-Swedish crayfishparty with its typical drinking songs.
In the summertime he likes to entertain on the wooden ships cruising in front of Helsinki.

includes songs from fifteen countries: Finnish filmmusic, Swedish shanties, Irish ballads, French chansons, "classics" from Russia and South America, German drinking songs, etc...

Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Dutch (his mothertongue), French and some Russian and Spanish.
He also has a varied selection of costumes to accentuate his different roles.

Jan Steen
Phone 040-5570 844

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